Our JourneySo Far...

  • 2018

    Journey has been very interesting. We will update you soon.

  • 2017

    Word of mouth and customer colatrals opens up south-India market at Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Puducherry, Indian Government sector started using UROSECRURE services for the purpose.

    The large Govt Sector market embraces UROSECURE with its deployment at the fountain head of education in India. NCERT.

  • 2016

    Large school chains like Millenium, Kids Castle, Shree Ram Group, DPS, Modern Schools vouched for the UROSECURE solutions. Support Team of UROSECURE setup a process to ensure “UROSECURE never sleeps at customer end” Growing need of security in Housing society roped in UROSECURE to fulfill security needs.

  • 2015

    UROSECURE focus on corporate segment enabled sign in by the likes of Vodafone, Everest, and many manufacturing houses.

  • 2014

    Security enhancement features catches on in the market. Many schools join UROSECURE customer list. Muradabad Export houses and Dehradun market opted for UROSECURE services.

  • 2013

    Beta release of the UROSECURE solution with paid customers ( Sheen India an export house, Bharti Public School, MRV International School) in NCR area. (All 3 are still with us in our journey to enhancing security).

  • 2012

    Team ETPL gets the idea to disrupt the archaic visitor management process. ETPL conceptualize a security enhancing process to offer real-time benefit of security enhancement in addition to an improved VMS.

Events Creating Events That Create Memories

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Lucknow Events

urosecure events

Lucknow Events

urosecure events

Lucknow Events

urosecure events

Lucknow Events

urosecure events

Lucknow Events

urosecure events

Lucknow Events

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